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  about our MAKAROSA...  

MAKAROSA based on the philosophy that including natural and fresh ingredients are better for pets. This philosophy continues to guide MAKAROSA's formula development to this day!

  our manufacturing process...  

MAKAROSA is dedicated to superior manufacturing standards so you can feed your cats confidently. All of the ingredients are cooked under controlled methods, and our products undergo over 100 defined quality control checks throughout the course of manufacturing. This is done to ensure that our products meet our high quality standards.

We use fresh meat and choice ingredients, together with the most advanced technology, with the quality guarantee of "Made In Thailand".

  100% natural...  

MAKAROSA Premium Pet Foods are made from truly all natural ingredients. The formulas found in the MAKAROSA canned cat foods are completely free of substandard ingredients, NO additives and NO preservatives.

  100% human-grade...  

MAKAROSA Premium Pet Foods are 100% human-grade and are held to exactly the same quality standards as the food you feed to your human family.

MAKAROSA ingredients are tested for safety and nutritional value before they even enter the manufacturing plant. They are cooked in a company which produces food for human consumption.

  100% grain-free...  
  MAKAROSA Premium Pet Foods are made with real tuna fillet and chicken breast as the first ingredients, and is grain free so it's ideal for cats with food sensitivities.  
  tuna fish...  

It is an extremely healthy food with excellent nutritional properties and with a high biological value. It naturally contains a low amount of fats and it is a source of Vitamin A, D3 and B group Vitamins and mineral salts such as iron and phosphorus.

It provides Omega 3 essential fatty acids, in the most assimilable form such as EPA and DHA. Because of this reason, fish has an important curative efficacy against many inflammatory diseases and against the "bad" cholesterol LDL.

It also increases the immune system function providing enhanced protection against diseases and maintaining healthy skin and shiny coat.

Particularly recommended:
In case of meat hypersensitivity and specific diseases (allergies or food intolerance).

  fresh chicken...  

It is a light, appetizing and highly digestible meat, thanks to the short diameter of muscle fibres and the low amount of collagen and elastine.

It contains a particularly high amount of lysine, which is the limiting amino acid in cereals. The amount of branched-chain amino acids is higher compared to other meats. Fats are characterized by a high degree of unsaturation. It is rich in iron, zinc and minerals, which are important for the transport of oxygen in the blood and for skin health.

The strong supply of linoleic acid is extremely useful for the protection of the skin, the mantle and the reproductive system.

Particularly recommended for:
pets of all ages and breeds.

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